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Head: Mr. T J Pierce BSc.

Brymore is a Secondary Technical School providing a unique vocational experience exploiting pupil's interest in agriculture, horticulture and technology (including engineering). Although it looks like one, it is not a private school but a state boarding school for 200 boys between the ages of 13 and 17, set in 60 acres of parkland close to the Quantock Hills.

History of the House

While areas of the school have been purpose built the main School House has a long and interesting history. The font porch dates from medieval times while the main building was restored during the late 18th Century. At the end of the 13th Century the Pym family owned the house and land. The most notorious Pym being John (1584-16-43) who during the English Civil War played a leading role in bringing about the downfall of Charles 1. In the 18th Century Brymore passed in to the hands of the Pleydell Bouveries who were great benefactors of the surrounding area, memorials to them can be seen in Cannington Church.

Documents show that Brymore changed hands several times during the 20th Centuryand when World War II broke out the Girls of Malvern College were evacuated to Brymore in order that their school be used for Parliament to sit in. They were only there for one academic year but in 1943 the 535th Automatic Weapons battalion of the US Army was billeted in the house and grounds while they prepared for D Day. Some areas of the drive were used for storing tanks and heavy weapons and as a result nothing grows on these sites as the ground is so compacted.

In 1951 Brymore was acquired by the Somerset County Council at a cost of £6,000 to establish a Secondary Technical School of Agriculture. The success of the school in it's early days led to the acquisition of Cannington House - a boarding house in the village where older pupils sleep.

Unique then as now the only school of its type in the UK it continues to attract parents who are interested in a more vocational educational experience for their sons.

Facilities on Offer

There are basically four areas that make Brymore different from other secondary brymore2.gifschools. The boys milk the dairy herd, rear pigs and beef cattle and look after the flocks of sheep and poultry also run the 60 acre working farm. This in addition to normal lessons - every boy takes his turn at doing 'farm duty' before and after school.

The commercial greenhouses, poly-tunnel and one acre walled garden, dating from 1753, not only supply fruit and vegetables to the School kitchens, but also contain individual plots for boys with strong horticultural interests. Flowerbeds and borders are planted and maintained around the school by pupils as part of their Horticultural studies.

The workshop complex is considered to be one of the finest in the Country. It contains specialist areas for wood, metal, plastics and control technology, as well as foundry and forges for budding blacksmiths. Brymore's curriculum embraces traditional craft skills as well as the most modern computer technology.brymore1.gif

The school is proud of its outstanding sporting achievements. Pupils are encouraged to get fit and exploit their talents, often resulting in remarkable success.

Pupils who benefit most from Brymore commit themselves wholeheartedly to at least one of the above areas. In addition there is a vast number of evening classes, activities and trips available throughout the year.

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